History of Farming in Livingston County Exhibit

By Deb Holmes, Livingston County Farm Bureau Administrative Manager

The Livingston County Farm Bureau Board is planning to partner with 4-H, Fowlerville FFA, Kensington Farm Center, Fowlerville Fair Board, local farms, Hudson Mills Tractor Club, and local equipment dealers to show the history of farming in Livingston County.  This event will be held at the Fowlerville Family Fair, July 22-27, 2019.  Planned demonstrations consist of harnessing horses to antique tractors to new equipment with the focus on highlighting farms in the county and their family farming history.

The Kensington Farm Center will bring draft horses to the fair and will provide daily harness and driving demonstrations.  Hudson Mills Tractor Club will bring an array of tractors of all colors dating back to the early 1900's and provide educated volunteers to discuss the equipment.  Munsell Farms will provide horse drawn harvesting equipment.  Local dealers will supply new equipment and discuss current technology. 

To highlight the diversity of agriculture in Livingston County, local farms are being asked to create a display of the history of their farm, what they produce and how they market their products.

Are you interested in showcasing your farm?  Please contact the LCFB office at:  [email protected] or by calling at (517) 546-8124.